4th Kentucky Cavalry (U.S.) letters published in the Louisville Anzeiger, June 24, 1862

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-1-14-25-pmLouisville Anzeiger

June 24, 1862

We extract from a letter to us from Capt. Henry A. Schaeffer from the 4th Kentucky Cavalry regiment dated Camp Wardrace [Wartrace], June 20, that the detachment now under his command is stationed in Jasper, Tennessee, 200 miles from Camp Wardrace [Wartrace], under the command of Capt. Blume, until he returns again. The men are well and in good spirits. Their patrol that was supposed to last 10 days has lasted three weeks. They went through a lot of severe strain, and officers like the soldiers made their camp in the open without shelter, because they were in a hurry and could not take their tents with them. The saddle blankets were their beds and their saddles were their pillows. The rumor of their being captured or slaughtered is entirely without basis, because they also have not been in danger once, with the exception of one time on the way to Chattanooga, where they had to travel narrow paths. Capt. Schaeffer spoke gloriously about Lt. Henry Walter, who in command of the advance guard captured a number of Rebel cavalry between Jasper and Chattanooga; as well, he expressed praise over the fitness for duty of Capt. Blume. Further, he confirmed the death of the soldier Henry Burg from Louisville [and] from the Hecker Regiment. He was killed by the explosion of a bomb during the bombardment of Chattanooga, as the regiment left the skirmish field, also five others were wounded at some time or other.

The Louisville Anzeiger, a German American newspaper, and translated into English by Joseph R. Reinhart.

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