4th Kentucky Cavalry (U.S.) letters published in the Louisville Anzeiger, July 16, 1862

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-1-14-25-pmLouisville Anzeiger

July 16, 1862

Camp Mihalotzy,
near Battle Creek, Tenn., 7 July 1862

Dear Worthy Editor:

Because I assume that you as journalists like news about military movements, and accept and are especially interested in Kentucky troops, allow me to inform you in this regard, and especially the German squadron of the 4th Cavalry Regiment stationed here. I am especially sorry that the subject today is in no way pleasant and will cause many hearts severe pain.

On Sunday morning about 8 o’clock a patrol left, consisting of 6 privates and a corporal from Company E, Capt. Schäfer; seven privates and a sergeant from Company E, Capt Blum; and five privates from Company F, Capt. Church; under command of Second Lieutenant Church; the camp with the order to carry out a reconnaissance toward Jasper (our earlier camp) and about seven miles from here. The way followed was the incomplete railroad leading to Jasper, which for most of the way led through woods and thick undergrowth and from eight to ten feet above the usual surface, As is customary with all reconnaissances, and especially here because the closeness of the enemy, who lay just opposite us and are separated from us by just the Tennessee River. Lt. Churc sent an advance guard of three men, including Sergeant Philipp Altenburger of Company G, about fifty yards in advance while the rear guard followed slowly with rifles and carbines ready to fire. Not quite four miles from here beams (crossties) are thrown all over for perhaps a stretch of 100 feet, so it’s totally blocked, and is difficult and most dangerous for horses and riders.

The Louisville Anzeiger, a German American newspaper, and translated into English by Joseph R. Reinhart.

Kentucky Digital Library – http://kdl.kyvl.org/catalog/xt7n2z12p13g/guide


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