Historical marker #1810 – Fort Southworth

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On Paddy’s Run, by the north side of a bend 1/4 mile from the Ohio River. It was just a little southwest of Battery Gallup and Fort Clark.

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The present day Multicorr Corporation is just a little south of the probable original site of Fort Southworth.

Fort Southworth was named for A. J. Southworth, who died in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 1864.It was the westernmost of the fortifications and covered 19,000 square feet (1,800 m2) in total. Its construction began on August 1, 1864 and was paid for both by Louisville and by the federal government.

Andrew J. Southworth was 26 years old when he enlisted in the 104th Ohio Infantry on July 11, 1862. He was accidentally killed on August 16, 1864 near Atlanta when a tree fell on him as he was constructing breastworks during the Atlanta campaign. He was a Captain at his death. He is buried in the Marietta National Cemetery.