John Shuman, 88th Indiana Volunteers – September 25, 1862

Sept. 25, 1862. Louisville, Kentucky

Dear father,

I once more take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well and hope that these few lines will find you all the same. I will let you know that the rest of the boys is all well and in good spirits. I will let you know we had another march. We left our camp and
went about ten miles and there we was one day and a night and then we were called back to Louisville. They are expecting a fight hear [i.e. here] before long. The soldiers is coming in here every day. They say Buels [Don Carlos Buell?] army is coming in here today. Buel [Buell] is in town now but his army is coming in here today. They got som [i.e. some] entrenchments dug around Louisville and the other day we was called out in our entrenchment and we was their [i.s. there] till three o clock and then we was called out on picket guard and we came in here last night and then our reg was called out on picket guard except our company, and they havt came back yet.

We are in camp right by our entrenchment, about three rods from them. You ought to see the corn wasted. We help tramp down about 10 akers [i.s. acres] in five mimits [i.e. minutes] the other day and some of best kind of corn we have got. Lots of sweat [i.e. sweet] potato hear – the largest kind. That is all they rais in this country. That and corn. I havt seen no wheat since I left Indiana. I think that their is not much danger of a fight hear. Their is to [i.e. too] many troops coming in here. One of thr artiley is out drilling this morning. It looks nice to see them drill. They have got all brass pieces, they kept bright – as they can keep them. I would like to hear wither they are drafting their or not. I got a letter from Bill Culver last night … [various names, letter-writing, etc] … we may leave here , no telling when we will leave … John Shuman



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