U.S. Grant about importance of getting needed supplies from Louisville to Nashville

28 February 1864,

Grant writes to logistical mastermind General Robert Allen in Louisville regarding supplies requested by Allen.

It will be impossible probably to supply the number of Artillery & Cavalry horses called for within this Military Division but I would suggest that now all on hand be forwarded as rapidly as possible to this place and others be procured and forwarded as fast as they can be purchased. I will order this distribution from here.

U.S. Grant / Maj. Gen.



Military Goods – John M. Stokes & Son – store on 229 Main Street

This ad is from the December 2, 1862, The Louisville Daily Journal. It was located on the same spot of today’s LG&E & KU Energy, just north of The Old Spaghetti Factory.

John M. Stokes & Son sold swords, belts, sashes, pistols, cots, mattresses, mess-chests, Indian-rubber goods, etc. This military goods store was located in 1862 at 229 Main Street. An 1859 Louisville newspaper shows he also had a furniture store at 539 Main Street and 59 Third Street.


Here is an example of an officer’s sash made during the Civil War. This one belonged to Confederate General John Bell Hood.


Military Goods – C.Proal – 217 Third St., Louisville

This ad was in the December 2, 1862 The Louisville Daily Journal Newspaper. It is for a military goods store at 217 Third Street. Th proprietor – C.Proal – sold saddlery, harnesses, trunks, swords, Bowie knives, pistols, camp furniture, smoking pipes, etc.

The Kentucky International Convention Center assumes the place of the store today, just south of The Old Spaghetti Factory. Prowl’s store was barely one block south of Stoke’s military goods store.

Military Goods ad 217 3rd St.png

This Civil War era manufactured saddle was on display in the Frazier History Museum a few years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.52.42 AM.png