4th Kentucky Cavalry (U.S.) letters published in the Louisville Anzeiger, March 15,, 1864



March 15, 1864

Friend Doern:

Baton Rouge, La., 28 Feb.

On Wednesday the 17th I arrived here and enjoyed finding the regiment as healthy and cheerful as ever. The 22nd and 7th Kentucky and two New York regiments, as well as several batteries are stationed here. You noted several weeks ago, that the 22nd Regiment had mustered in again [veteranized] and will soon come to Louisville on 30 days leave. We do not know anything here about this.

Baton Rouge is a rather lively place, a pretty state house is located here – the inside has been burned out, one has the idea that it will be rebuilt again. The institution for the blind is being used as a hospital. Also I must tell you that in the state election that took place on February 22nd, a German by the name of Michael Hahn was elected as governor.

Charles Gütig

Source: http://kygermanscw.yolasite.com/letters.php

The Louisville Anzeiger, a German American newspaper, and translated into English by Joseph R. Reinhart.

Kentucky Digital Library – http://kdl.kyvl.org/catalog/xt7n2z12p13g/guide


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