4th Kentucky Cavalry (U.S.) letters published in the Louisville Anzeiger, June 12, 1862

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-1-14-25-pmLouisville Anzeiger

From the 4th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Lt. O. Bes from the 1st squadron of that regiment writes from Murfreesboro under date of 8 June.

When yesterday morning about 6 o’clock Capt. T. L. Unthank with 80 men – detachments from the 1st squadron and from the 7th Penn. Reg. – were returning from their patrol with 10 to 12 prisoners, they were attacked and taken prisoner near Readyville about 12 miles from here. John Collins and Essic of Company A were killed, the same with Mr. Johnican, a Tennessean, who only recently enlisted. Joseph Kipp was wounded in both legs. He belonged to Company C. There are perhaps still more dead or wounded. The following named [men] from Company C were missing: Sgt. S. S. Robards, Albert Nietebock, and Wm. J. Killmore, Cpl. Wilh. Stützel, (who earlier worked at the Anzeiger’s printery), Monic *Morris+ Power, Thomas Fowler and John Greaney, the privates Jesse Traylor, Joseph Ricketts, Geo. St. John, John S. Scheen, John Rink, John Sullivan, Thomas Sullivan, Johnson McConkney, Patrick Kennedy, and Daniel Heaver. I do not know the names of the other company missing. Starnes retreated through McMinnville with the prisoners.

The Nashville Union reported that all the prisoners taken on Sunday by Col. Starnes were released on parole were released on parole.

The Louisville Anzeiger, a German American newspaper, and translated into English by Joseph R. Reinhart.

Kentucky Digital Library – http://kdl.kyvl.org/catalog/xt7n2z12p13g/guide


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