March 22, 1864 Camp Taylor (Louisville) letter by soldier in the 123rd Indiana Infantry

March 22nd, 1864

Dear Father,

Since I last wrote to you, we have, as you will perceive from the date of my letter, changed our quarters.

We left Greensburg last Friday evening for Lawrenceburg where we arrived about sundown and immediately took the boat for Louisville where we arrive about noon Saturday, and immediately marched out to the camp where we are at present quartered. I do not like our present quarters very well. Our whole regt is quartered in one barrack we number one thousand.

We have probably one of the best Colonels in the service, McChriston is his name. Our Lieutenant Colonel Collen seems to be a first rate man also. We have as yet no Major, though it is very likely that Cowgill will obtain that position, I hope he will at any rate.

We were reviewed yesterday by General Hovey, he announced our Company the best in the whole Brigade. There were three [Indiana] regts on review, the 130th, our own (the 123rd) and the 124th. They made a fine appearance. There are quite a number of Indiana regt including the 120th, 123rd, 124th, 129th and 130th.

Louisville is rather a rusty looking place, I have no desire to remain here very long and I don’t think we will. There is bound to be very hard fighting during the coming campaign and I think we’ll have our share of the hard knocks. I want to see some of the war business at any rate. I think it very probable that we will go to Nashville or Chattanooga before long.

You need not look for me home very soon, furloughs are “played out” but I am very well contented. I am in fine health, I get stouter every day, the army seems to agree with me. If I improve as I have been doing I will look somewhat like a man by the time I come home again.

I have been interrupted twice since I commenced this letter, once to go on battalion drill and the second time to go on dress parade. I guess I will get to close it now. We have not been payed yet except 13 dollars that we were payed while at Greensburg. We will hardly be payed of monthly wages for a month yet. I have never had my photograph taken yet to send home, but I will as soon as I get the money. Well I must close, give my love to all the family. Tell Pres to write to me, write soon.

Your affectionate son, John R. Miller
(to his father)

P.S. Address John R. Miller Company “F” 123rd regt Ind Vols Camp Taylor, Louisville



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