Louisville Citizen Guard – sheet music

Lithograph drawings of the Louisville Citizen Guards on sheet music dated 1858, titled “Citizen Guards March to the Officers and Members of the Louisville Citizen Guards” by Carl O. Edelman.


“The period following the war with Mexico saw the formation of independent military companies in many parts of the nation. These units were often very popular and were, on occasion, the subject of musical compositions, as in the sheet music shown here. The Louisville Citizen Guards was formed in 1858, captained by Simon B. Buckner. Buckner subsequently served as a general in the Confederate army, was later a Louisville newspaper editor, and finally served as governor of Kentucky. With the coming of preparations for war, the Louisville Citizen Guards became part of
the Second Regiment of the Kentucky State Guard.”

According to Kentucky Illustrated (Schmidt): p. 129

Regarding Buckner:

“In the remaining years before the Civil War, he was adjutant general of the Illinois militia and directed the reorganization of the Kentucky State Guards. As the head of Kentucky’s military forces, he attempted to preserve its precarious neutrality. In July 1861, the Unionist-controlled military board of the state ordered the State Guard, which they considered pro-secessionist, to turn in its arms. He supported Kentucky’s neutrality, refusing a commission in the Union Army in 1861. Buckner resigned on July 20th, and 2 months later was named a Confederate Brigadier General, neutrality having come to an end. ”


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