Campbell & Ecker – photographers

Campbell & Ecker’s had a studio at 407 Main St., in Louisville.


Indiana Cavalry Surgeons with double imprint of Campbell & Ecker, Louisville dating to after November 1864. Carte identified in period pencil on verso as Geo. H. Russell, Asst Surgeon/J. M. Wishard, Surgeon/C. C. Hiatt, 1st Asst Surgeon in three lines written horizontally. Geo. H. Russell joined Company B, 5th Indiana Cavalry as commissary sergeant in August 1862 becoming assistant surgeon in November 1864 and mustering out in June 1865. His pard Joseph M. Wishard was surgeon of the 5th Indiana Cavalry from October 1863. The third doctor is Christopher C. Hiatt who entered service as assistant surgeon of the 6th Indiana Cavalry in March 1864, discharged in September 1865. The hard riding 5th and 6th Indiana Cavalry saw entensive service in the western theater, particularly during the Atlanta campaign where the 5th participated in Stoneman’s Raid and was captured en masse.  Cowan’s.



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